What is Rockwell C-scale hardness of HP9 steel?


The Rockwell scale is a scale for measuring hardness of a material.it is used when testing metals, it is based on how deep the metal is indented when under a large load. Readings below HRC 20 are generally considered unreliable, as are readings much above HRB 100
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150kgf load. 120 degree diamond cone indenter used for harder steels
chrome vanadium steel is designated C41-55.
The indentation is directly related to the tensile strength of a material - useful for things like steel and other construction materials where tensile strength is a major factor.
4142 HRHT is a chromium-molybdenun alloy steel that has been hardened to 27 to 32 Rockwell C.
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There are many different knife manufacturers that will indicate the Rockwell hardness of their knife blades and this is something that may people will look for in the knives. The measurement of the hardness will indicate the hardness of the steel that is used. The testing of the Rockwell hardness is created by a gauge that forces a probe into the metal that is being tested. The depth of penetration for a given amount of force is measured and converted to a scale called the Rockwell C scale which is cost commonly abbreviated Rc.
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