Rogue Waves Are Best Described as?


Rogue waves are best described as enormous ocean surface waves. They usually rise to about 30.48 metres, which is higher than the usual wave height.
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A rogue wave is a random wave that is larger than other waves in the area. There are instances where a rogue wave can capsize a boat. Boats can be experiencing 15 foot seas, and then
1 There are many coastal signs that a rogue wave is underway. You will see a drastically receding shore line. When a rogue wave is being created, it needs lots of water to form. Before
Probably by the wave-form of normal waves reinforcing each other (i.e. the various forces which normally cancel each other out can, on occasion, add together to form a giant wave)
In 1976, a C&C 61-foot racing yacht, SORCERY, was returning from Japan to the United States when it was rolled by a rogue wave. SORCERY's owner, Jake Wood, later said the
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