Role of Government in a Mixed Economy?


The mixed market economy was founded on free market principals, which uses government regulations and monitoring in order to control pricing and supply and demand issues and regulates natural monopolies. It provides welfare or unemployment to those without jobs or those that cannot support themselves. Consumers can guide the economy by the purchases they do or do not make and by their votes during elections. When consumers have concerns over product safety, the government responds by creating agencies to meet the concerns.
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To protect the public and to preserve private enterprise. To be a little more specific, a Mixed Market Economy is one founded on Free Market principles, but which uses government
In a mixed economy the role of the government is oversight and
It's really hard to put a finger on this because a mixed economy is on a spectrum between planned and market. hence it involves roles and aspects of both planned and market, varying
Here's a standard economist's answer. It should be ideology-free, except to the extent that I spend much more time discussing efficiency considerations than wealth distribution and
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A government is supposed to guide and direct the pace of its country's economic activities. It is also supposed to ensure that growth is steady, employment is ...
Some of the characteristics of a mixed economy are a partnership between private enterprises and government. A mixed economy avoids the imbalances that occur in ...
Australia is considered as a mixed economy because both its government and the private sector have an influence over their economic situation. Actually, their ...
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