Roman Statues?


In ancient Roman times sculptures were created for a number of reason. Statues of kings, queens, or other figures were often made in commemoration. Statues or full scale carvings of scenes were used to commemorate events. Busts, which are just the head of a person, were created for smaller-scale commemoration. Statues can be found in some historical monuments for viewing while others are found in various museums throughout the world. Facsimiles or Roman statues can be purchased from various specialty retailers for placement in homes.
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Marble was a common building and sculpting material in the western ancient world. Its a stone that's relatively easy to work with and durable. Also there were great marble quarries
While Roman sculpture copied from the Greeks, it emphasized the individual
Because being naked is humanities natural form, and the romans along with the greeks fiercely admired the human form. Plus it was not uncommon back then to just walk around naked.
often warfare caused the destruction of sculptures. when one group conquered another. in the case of rome once the christians came to power they would not tolerate images of roman
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Because marble is strong and they needed strong stuff to hold it up because if they didnt it would break. ...
The Romans built statues to honor heroes and leaders. They used granite to build the statues by carving the large rocks. ...
The person who had the dream of Caesar's statue spewing blood while the Romans were bathing in it, was Calpurnia the third and last wife of Julius Caesar. ...
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