Romantic Nicknames?


Romantic nicknames are often used to show sign of love and admiration. These names are also given because they have a special meaning. You may call your love sugar cookie because this was the first cookie that the two of you shared together. You may call your love cotton candy because on your first date the two of you of went to the fair and share some Cotton candy. Other popular nicknames includes such names as honey bear, bright eyes, baby cakes, and pretty lady.
Q&A Related to "Romantic Nicknames?"
Tesoro meaning my treasure. Amore mio/mia meaning my love. Luce della mia vita meaning light of my life. Bella/bello meaning beautiful/handsome. Topolina literally meaning little
Cute Nicknames for Boyfriends: Adorable, Baby Boo, Bunnie, Hot Chocolate,
i have been dating my gf for a bit over 3 years now and we just were like one day hey lets give each other nicknames just for the hell of it. it was funny and some thing to do i guess
My husband calls me 'mi amor' which is Spanish for my love. You can also try honey, sweetie, dearest, gorgeous, beautiful, my heart, or any other common ones based on how you feel.
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