Ronald Reagan Commemorative Coin?


Ronald Reagan commemorative coin refers to a coin with the image of the 40th president of US Ronald Reagan printed on it. This coin was brought about by the Ronald Reagan Commemorative Coin Act of 2011. It was introduced by the 112th Congress in 2011. The Act permitted the production of 50,000 five dollar coins and 300,000 one dollar coins with the image of Ronald Reagan printed on them.
Q&A Related to "Ronald Reagan Commemorative Coin?"
While I own a very nice Reagan commemorative coin, my research has shown me that there are so many different productions, looks, and types of metals. Probably best to track down the
The majority of these coins are fairly common and aren't a highly collectible item. You can buy them in flea markets or on Ebay for $2-10.
The worth of an old Ronald Reagan coin depends on the mint and condition
Probably just its face value. You might check to see if there are hobby/ collectible boards here.
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