Ronson Lighter Repair?


Ronson Lighter Repair can handle small repair jobs on lighters. This includes attaching new wicks, adding new packing materials, replacing new parts, adding new gadgets, replacing the filler cap, adding a new flint screw, and a new spring, and adding new fluids. The repair personnel works on a variety of brand of lighters including the popular Zippo lighter to the Art deco. One can contact the company through their website about repairs, as well as ordering any parts.
Q&A Related to "Ronson Lighter Repair?"
1. Turn the lighter upside down when it is at room temperature and has not been used for several minutes. 2. Remove the valve cover from the bottom of the lighter with a screwdriver
Whatever someone is willing to pay for it. These were mass produced and there were a variety of models. The standard generic ones are only worth $5 to $10; some of the more rare models
flint is held in chamber with a screw/spring...unscrew from bottom, slip a new flint in and push the spring back into lighter, tighten the screw. Butane cans have adapter
U can buy a two-pack of Ronson Euro Lite Blue Flame Butane Lighters at
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