How do you install a rain diverter on a room?


To install a rain diverter on a roof, climb up the roof using a ladder and locate the second row of shingles that is closed to the roof edge and loosen them up. Slide the long side of the diverter under the shingles and leave the lip of the diverter hanging out, then center the diverter over the entrance area. Position some nails at the back of the diverter where the shingles will hide the nail holes. Cover them with liquid cement and finally finish by pushing down the shingles to create a sturdy, protective bond.
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1. Buy a rain diverter at a hardware supply store and read any accompanying installation instructions for specific tips. 2. Cut the diverter down to 1 foot longer than the intended
You don't, a roof drain is nothing more then a conductor that allows water to enter the storm water piping and then the piping leads to a place of disposal.
wouldn't suggest you place it right there it needs to flow some where off of the perimeter or corner so to speak the angel you have it flow right on top of the other gable which could
You don't. Instead, you need to install a gutter. Anonymous
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Roof Rain Diverter Installation
A rain diverter is a shaped slit of metal design that fits at the edge of your roof and keeps rain from falling in front of doorways or other areas you want to protect from streams of water. Rain diverters are only used on houses that do not use gutters,... More »
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