Roofing Labor Costs?


There are no set or average costs for labor on roofing jobs. These costs will vary from location to location, from contractor to contractor, and from job to job. Of course, it will cost more to hire a roofer to come in repair a simple leak around your skylight than it would to hire him to lay new shingles on your roof. These costs may be broken down by set fees or fees per square yard of work. For instance, some roofers may charge their customers $90 per square yard for ripping off old shingles from your roof and may also charge $250 to add flashing around a chimney with a low pitch, as of April, 2013.
Q&A Related to "Roofing Labor Costs?"
rule of thumb "job cost" double the cost of material add 20%
If you're hiring someone to clean your roof, you can have a rough idea of the cost based on the size and shape of your roof. The larger and more complex the roof design, the more
It depends on what type of roof and how much roof.
Depends on the roof materials, the size and shape of the roof and the going costs in your area. Your best bet is to contact 3-5 contractors and get estimates. Source(s) My cat.
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