How do you write up a contract when living with a roommate?


A roommate contract is an agreement between people who live together as roommates. To write up a contract when living with a roommate you need to list all the conditions for the living arrangements. List who is responsible for what in a roommate contract and all roommates need to sign the contract.
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1. Discuss expectations with your roommate. Encourage honesty and forthrightness. Write down the rules you and your roommate agree to abide by during your conversation. 2. Address
Simply put, a roommate contract is just what it says it is: a contract between roommates. A roommate contract (also sometimes called a "roommate agreement" takes a preventive
I won't address the interpersonal issues between the two of you. Legally, she is a month by month tenant, or maybe just a guest. If she is a guest, you can say "time to leave
You appear to be stating that you, collectively, are month-to-month tenants with your landlord. If that's the case, you can move out on proper notice, which appears to be no less
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