How do roommates set house rules?


In order to determine rules for roommates all roommates need to come together to establish rules. Each roommate can determine what is important to them and what boundaries to set.
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1. Talk with your roommate and start an open discussion about what he expects from you and what you expect from him while living together. Keep an open mind and try and avoid using
If there are no consequences, don't follow rules you disagree with. That's stupid.
1. You do not talk about the cider house. 2. You do not talk about the cider house.
1 Identify what they do that is bad, and if there is one that comes up a lot, that is the one you need to start with. Ad 2 Find out the reasons for their bad behaviour. Maybe there
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House Rules for Roommates
The moving van is packed and headed to a new shared house. You're about to move in with a new roommate and need to set boundaries right away. Creating house rules is an essential first step in order to prevent disputes and disruptions. From finances to... More »
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