Rose Haired Tarantula Life Span?


Rose-haired tarantulas vary in lifespan, based on individual sex. A male rose-haired tarantula will only live an approximate 4-5 years, upon reaching sexual maturation. In contrast, female rose-haired tarantulas can live up to 15 years.
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Rose Hair Tarantulas, which are native to Chile, have an approximate
1. Select and prepare an appropriate living container for your rose hair tarantula. Cover the bottom of a 5 or 10 gallon glass aquarium with 3 inches of vermiculite or peat moss substrate
they live for more then 68 years.
Although not researched in the wild. It is estimated that males up to 6 years; females up to 20 years. For tarantulas in general, the life span is species dependent. In captivity,
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