Rossi Coach Guns?


A coach gun is known as a double barrel shotgun. The barrels are usually placed side to side. These guns may have a variety of barrel sizes. The term coach gun comes from the type of guns that were used in the Wild West during the Colonial period. These guns are manufactured by many different companies at locations in many different countries. These include the Rossi Coach Guns that are manufactured in Brazil. These value and prices of a Rossi Coach Gun will vary. These prices will depend on their conditon, barrel size, its age, and where one purchases it. However, one should expect to pay aroud $300 to $400 for one, as of April, 2013.
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100 - 150 or so.
The Rossi Single Shot 20 gauge has been listed as a good seller. Thank you
First of all, I do not know, but just guessing they use Brazillian hardwood. Brazillian walnut is 3684 0n the Janka scale(which is very hard for wood. Ebony is 3220 on the Janka Hardness
Coach guns are used in Cowboy action shooting competitions, collections of Western guns, as home-defense weapons, and even as "scrub guns" for hunting.
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Rossi coach guns are based on the traditional double barrel shotgun design. They helped fend off those attacking stage coaches. The value of a 20 gauge model varies ...
I believe they are produced in Brazil. ...
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