ROTC Shoulder Cords?


Many colleges have Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) training available. Different bands and members of the ROTC wear shoulder cords as part of their uniform. The ROTC also has Navy, Air Force and Army ROTC scholarships.
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1. Wrap the shoulder cord under your right arm and over your right shoulder. The cord should sit right on top of your shoulder and right under your armpit, on the outside of your
The yellow rotc cord means that the person is part of the marksmanship activities.
The cord placement of the ROTC and branch insignia on the male Army Green
you buy it on a website.
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There are several ways to wear shoulder cords. They can attach to the front of a uniform, loop under the armpit, or rest on the shoulder. ...
The drill team red cord goes on the left shoulder, and the color guard white cord goes on the right shoulder. ...
Army shoulder cords are the tassels that hand from the shoulder of soldiers uniforms. The shoulder cords come in a wide variety of colors. Different colors have ...
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