How to Lighten Dark Rough Spots on My Knees?


To lighten dark rough spots on the knees exfoliate the skin regularly. Lemon juice can also be used to lighten the dark areas. Also hydrogen peroxide can be applied to the dark area several times a day to help fade away the dark appearance.
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1. Exfoliate skin regularly. Each time you exfoliate, you're gently removing a layer of dead, dry skin. Exfoliate three times per week to safely remove small layers of skin at a time
If you want to get rid of those dark, ugly, discolored knees/elbows this is for you. Take a lemon or lemon juice and soak your knees in it for about 10-15 minutes. After you are done
solution: dermaline skin whitening cream. its safe and potent formula can get rid of dark skin spots. Source(s) My Profile.
Can you send me a picture of your knees? Do you have any idea of the cause, such as prolonged scrubbing, painting, etc. on your knees? I am presuming this is not a pathological condition
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If you would like to get rid of dark knees and elbows, you should try exfoliating the skin. The skin often becomes dark on those areas because it is dry and rough ...
There are many causes of dark spots on knees such as friction and neglect. Age spots are another cause of dark spots on knees. Hyperpigmentation is another cause ...
You can get rid of dark rough elbows by using the proper amount of moisturizers. This skin issue is often caused by dryness. There are a number of moisturizer ...
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