How to Round a Number to the Nearest Hundredth?


To round a number to the nearest 100th look for the number in the tens column. If it is 4 or lower, round the number down. For instance, 142, the 10s place is 4, so you would round down to 100. If the number in the 10s place is 5-9, you round up. For instance 152 the 10s place is 5, so yo would round up to 200.
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1. Write the number you want to round. For example, you write "1.3793. 2. Count three places to the right of the decimal point. For example, you count to the 9 in 1.3793. 3.
300.would be right if the question were to the nearest hundred. To the nearest hundredth, is it 271.00.
Rounded to the nearest hundredth, 40.599 is approximately equal to 40.60.
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