How do you round numbers to the nearest cent?


To round a number to the nearest cent use the basic mathematical rounding off techniques. If the last number were kept has a number before it that is less than five, there is no need to increase. In the case that the number to be deducted is greater than five are, the number to be kept is increased by one.
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Round off to the nearest cent means round off to the nearest
When talking about money one cent is two decimal places. $0.01 (one cent) one tenth of a cent is to three decimal places. $0.001 (one tenth of a cent) So if you are rounding to the
1. Write the number you want to round. For example, you write "1.3793.". 2. Count three places to the right of the decimal point. For example, you count to the 9 in 1.3793
$21.00. This is obviously the nearest cent, as the difference is only $0.0016. Looking at $20.9984, we divide it into whole dollars and cents and the fraction of a cent: $20.9984
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