Rounding Numbers to the Nearest Cent?


To round a number to the nearest cent use the basic mathematical rounding off techniques. If the last number were kept has a number before it that is less than five, there is no need to increase. In the case that the number to be deducted is greater than five are, the number to be kept is increased by one.
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Round off to the nearest cent means round off to the nearest
The answer is 325.00.
1. Look at the amount of cents in a number. The cents will appear after the decimal. For instance, if you have $4.82, you would focus on the 0.82 portion of the number. 2. Round up
Since you always round numbers that are 5 and over up it would be 7.78. 7 dollars 78 cents because 7.7777 the 3rd number cuz u want 2 numbers after the decimal, is over 5 so u round
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Rounding decimals to the nearest cent is the same as one saying to round decimals to the nearest hundredth. If the number five or more, then you will want to round ...
When rounding to the nearest dollar you will follow the same rules as when rounding to the nearest number with whole numbers. You would take the cents part and ...
When talking about money one cent is two decimal places. $0.01 (one cent) one tenth of a cent is to three decimal places. $0.001 (one tenth of a cent) So if you ...
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