Roundup Concentrate Mix Ratio?


To Mix Roundup Concentrate, you need spoons or cups, and label these 'HERBICIDE ONLY' to ascertain the quantity of finished herbicide you want to dilute, pour the tank of your sprayer with the your clean water, read the manufacturer's instructions and determine the amount of Roundup concentrate needed for the volume you wish to mix. Gently open the Roundup bottle and measure the required amount. Pour this into the water in the sprayer. Close the sprayer and apply the herbicide per the manufacturer's instructions.
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1. Get a set of measuring spoons or cups, and label these "HERBICIDE ONLY" with an indelible marking pen. 2. Determine the amount of finished herbicide you want to mix.
Hi, It is very nearly the same a a two cycle gas oil mix... 50-1 or about 2.5 ounces to a gallon of water...
read the directions on the label. that's what they are there for!and, it depends on what concentration you have. the SUPER CONCENTRATE is" One 35.2 oz. bottle makes up to 23
Generally the mixture is set at 5 parts
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Roundup is an all purpose leading weed killer that can be used by both homeowners and commercial landscapers. The manufacturers of roundup suggest using a ratio ...
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