Where can I get my RSO card that is required by the oil refinery?


A Refinery Safety Overview (RSO) card is given by an authorized training center after an applicant undergoes an RSO training course. After the course, a test is administered. The applicant must get 80 percent or higher in order to pass.

An RSO course is developed to educate petrochemical workers regarding the health and safety hazards that come with working in their industry. The training course gives an overview of health regulations and safe work practices to provide guidelines regarding the maintenance of a safe working environment for both employees and their employers. The course also includes basic training concerning the prevention of work-related illnesses and injuries.

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1. Ask your employer if they are a member of the ASAP/OSCA and to register you for the RSO training class. 2. Register for the RSO training class in person if you are a student at
Did you find anything near you when you did a yahoo search? If not, check the online education sites listed.
OSCA charges $5 for a replacement card. Students must bring in a valid government issued ID and a money order made payable to OSCA for $5.00.
A. Students must score 80% or greater to pass. If you score between 67% 79% you may retake the test one more time without charge. If you do not pass the second time you need to re-register
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How to Get an RSO Refinery Card
An RSO Refinery Card means that you have successfully completed the general safety orientation accepted by oil refineries in California. Obtaining an RSO Refinery Card requires that you complete a day of training courses and testing. Your employer can... More »
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