What Is the Proper Way to Stuff Invitations Envelopes with RSVP?


You should send RSVP envelopes together with the invitation. Just allow some space to indicate who will be attending. Ensure that the RSVP envelopes have a stamp as well.
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The invitation is already filled out and you add another small card inside that simply will say 'Mr. _Mrs. or guest _will be attending _will not be attending _ Be sure and put a stamp
Put a stamp on it yourself! It saves the guests money and some guests won't return the RSVP unless you stamp it!!! Also, be ware that there is a postage increase that begins on May
Place the RSVP card in the inner flap of the RSVP envelope, and then place both items inside the inner envelope of the wedding invitation. The RSVP envelope should be placed on top
Usually the bride's parents or the person responsible for the reception.
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