Rub on Stencils?


Rub-on stencils add images to homemade greeting cards, stationery and many other paper crafts. To apply a rub-on-pencil, place paper over stencil, hold the pencil close to the point so that the side of the crayon or lead is on the paper and rub it gently over the portion of the paper that is over the stencil to make the image appear. For more information you can follow this link
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1. Place your rub-on stencil (image side up) onto a flat surface and tape the flat edges to the surface with some clear tape. This will hold your stencil in place and avoid a smeared
you can try Goo B Gone. You might have to re-touch the wall after, but it worked really well on some stickers my kids put on their walls ( I didn't have to re-paint.) follow directions
Now that you have all your supplies you are going to start by deciding where on the sketch pad paper you want the stencil to be placed. You can move the stencil around the sketch
i don't know and im sry i don't.
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