Rubber Tree Plant Care?


A rubber tree plant is often a type of indoor potted plant. To care for it, give it indirect bright light and keep the soil moist. If the leaves start to droop, you know it needs water.
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Rubber Tree Plant Care
Rubber tree plants (Ficus elastica) grow outdoors in USDA Hardiness Zones 10b to 11. Trees growing outdoors in a garden can reach 50 feet tall. Rubber trees can be grown virtually anywhere, though, indoors as a houseplant. Container plants grow about 6... More »
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1. LIGHT: Your rubber tree [Ficus elastica] has evolved from plants naturally found in sub tropical and tropical areas of the world. For that reason they are happy to be placed in
I have a rubber plant that I have been having for years. The only thing I do is water it and it is in the sun. This thing had died on me twice, but it came back.
Keep it in bright light, but not hot sun. Fertilize weekly, water daily, and
The Para rubber tree is the tree wich we took out the rubber before the invention of the synthetic rubber. In fact, it's not the rubber it self that came out of the tree but the latex
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The rubber tree plant, or Ficus elastica, has the potential to grow up to 50 feet tall. To care for rubber tree plant, you need to have the correct balance of ...
To care for rubber tree plants, will take persistence. This plant likes to have their dirt remain damp. If the sunlight is too hot, it will effect how healthy, ...
A rubber tree plant is also known as a ficus tree. These can grow to be up to 50 feet tall! Proper care and adequate water and light are essential to keep them ...
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