How do you care for a rubber tree plant?


A rubber tree plant is often a type of indoor potted plant. To care for it, give it indirect bright light and keep the soil moist. If the leaves start to droop, you know it needs water.
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1. Place your rubber tree in a warm spot out of direct sunlight. 2. Water the rubber thoroughly, allowing it to dry a bit before watering again. Don't shock the roots with ice cold
Keep it in bright light, but not hot sun. Fertilize weekly, water daily, and
The Para rubber tree is the tree wich we took out the rubber before the invention of the synthetic rubber. In fact, it's not the rubber it self that came out of the tree but the latex
Hi Hank, Thanks for the top rating and nomination! Pruning is as much art as it is science. The science part of it is as follows: Any stem can be pruned at any point - typically just
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Rubber Tree Plant Care
Rubber tree plants (Ficus elastica) grow outdoors in USDA Hardiness Zones 10b to 11. Trees growing outdoors in a garden can reach 50 feet tall. Rubber trees can be grown virtually anywhere, though, indoors as a houseplant. Container plants grow about 6... More »
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Rubber tree plants can get very big and like to be trimmed. Prune the tree just above where the leaf attaches to the stem. Cut about 1/3 to 1/2 of the branches. ...
If your rubber tree plant is losing its leaves, there are steps you can take to help it, but you will need to identify the root cause of the problem. Make sure ...
To propagate a rubber tree plant you will need to have some rooting powder on hand. Pick a branch that comes straight out of the tree itself. Make a cut through ...
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