How can I wash a dish drainer?


To be able to wash a dish drainer plug the drain in the kitchen sink and pour washing soap into the sink. Put some hot water in the sink and then add bleach to the hot water to kill bacteria. Place the dish drainer in the sink and allow it to soak for 10 minutes. Wet a sponge with the sink water and wipe the drainer to remove any stains. Drain the water from the sink and thoroughly rinse the dish drainer in cool water and then dry the drainer with a piece of cloth.
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1. Plug the drain in the kitchen sink and pour one tbsp. of dishwashing liquid into the sink. 2. Fill the sink three-quarters full with hot water. 3. Add one tbsp. of bleach to the
No correct answer to that, except to say I know people who do both. When I used one, my dish drainer came with a plastic matching tray which drained run-off water over the side into
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