Ruger 10 22 Silencer?


Before purchasing a Ruger 10 .22 silencer, make sure that it is legal in the state. The Bud's Gun Shop website has them for sale. The phone number for customer service and ordering is 859-368-0371.
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Get a 2-liter bottle, some electric tape, and newspaper. Stuff the
1. Ensure the rifle is unloaded. Position the rifle upside down to allow access to the bolt. 2. Set the tip of a punch tool on the end of the bolt stop pin, located near the back
Varies dependent on condition and accessories. Your most basic model, new in box, $175 - $200.
A case of .22 and a few paper targets. That will run you about $20. If you want to spend a little more, get a universal laser bore sighter. You can use it on other guns too.
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