Ruger 10 22 Silencer?


Before purchasing a Ruger 10 .22 silencer, make sure that it is legal in the state. The Bud's Gun Shop website has them for sale. The phone number for customer service and ordering is 859-368-0371.
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Get a 2-liter bottle, some electric tape, and newspaper. Stuff the
1. Remove the screws securing the stock scope to the frame, using the gunsmithing kit. 2. Pull the stock scope off of the frame of the 10/22. Place a lower-profile, see-through Weaver
They sell for about $225 new at W@lmart. But I think the 10/22 rifles with walnut stock have a slightly higher value. A used gun's value is, of course, relative to it's condition.
The 10/22 already has an M1 carbine style stock. And silencers/suppressors can be found online fairly easily for that gun. No silencers are not illegal just regulated.
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