How do you make rehearsal rules for a church choir?


To make church choir rehearsal rules, remember the basics. Time is essential to everyone. Thus, keeping rules for rehearsal time, tardiness, and even absences, are important. Also include etiquette such as dressing appropriately, eating or chewing gum, and bringing of needed materials such as song sheets, paper and pencils.
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1. Check in with clergy and staff regarding any rules they may suggest or need followed. For example, clergy may require rehearsals to start or end at a specific time or be held on
The church choir is to sing praises to God as the congregation listens and worships in their hearts.
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Rules for the Church Choir
Rules for the church choir can vary depending upon the style and location of a particular congregation. However most musical directors will agree that there are basic tenants of choir rehearsal and performance that are worth adhering to. You'll find this... More »
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Rules for a church choir may vary based on the church, the members of the choir, and what religion the choir sings for. Some rules for a church choir may include a dress code, attend practice on a regular basis, and be committed to the choir. Other rules for a church choir may include being on time, no foul language, be sure to no your songs prior to having to perform them, if you are unable to attend choir for any reason you should notify the person who is in charge of the choir.
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