What are the rules for Hit the Deck?


The card game known as Hit the Deck is very similar to the card game UNO. The basic rules of the game say the cards are divided into 4 color sets. As the players pick up and discard cards, the object of the game is to be the player that has the least amount of points once a player hits 100.
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The game comes with 110 cards similar to UNO. The object
Casino is a game of collecting cards, worth different values, through a couple of different methods. The aim is to be the first person to reach a score of 21. At the start of the
1. Decide what deck is going to be used. It can be a standard 52-card deck, a 54-card including 2 jokers, a 32-card Belote deck, a 24-card Euchre deck etc. You can decide this later
There is, fortunately or unfortunately, no such thing. The games you mention are so-called 'folk' games—they are played according to convention and tradition in different communities
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Rules for Hit the Deck Card Game
"Hit the Deck" is a card game for two to six players by Fundex Games. The game is played with "Hit the Deck" cards and four card sets of different colors containing numbered cards, "Cut the Deck" cards and "Flip the Deck" cards. Opponents discard cards... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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