What are some Russian baby names?


There are many Russian baby names because the Russian language offers a range of gender-neutral, female, and male names to choose from. Russian baby names have many different meanings, which often influence the naming decisions of parents.

Common Russian gender-neutral baby names include Alexis, Misha, Sasha, Zilya, Micha, Pascha, Vasha, Mischa, Pasha and Zasha. Some common Russian baby names for boys are Alexei, Anatoliy, Andrey, Arkadiy, Danila, Dima, Dmitriy, Efim, Egor, Fyodor, Gennadiy, Georgiy, Gerasim, Gleb, Igor, Ilya, Ion, Ivan, Kirill, Konstantin, Leonid, Liev, Matvey, Maxim, Melor, Micha, Mikhail, Milek, Nikolai, Pavel, Platon, Prokhor, Pyotr, Ruslan and Sava. Some common Russian girls' names are Afya, Alla, Anfisa, Anja, Antonina, Anya, Czarina, Darina, Darya, Dasha, Dessa, Ekaterina, Elizaveta, Evgeniya, Faina, Fedora, Galina, Gasha, Inna, Irina, Ivana, Katya, Nadia, Lida, Lara, Marfa, Melora, Milena, Nastia, Natasha, Orya, Olesia and Ksenia.

It is common in Russia for names to have a patronymic term. For example, a girl might have the middle name Ivanovna because her father's name is Ivan. The names of saints or names with other religious connotations are also becoming more widely used again after years of suppression by the Communist party. Generally, Russian female names have an ending of ova, eva, ina, skaya or aya, according to Professor David Herman at the University of Virginia, Department of Russian Language.

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