What are some popular Russian male names?


Master Russian created a list of 90 popular Russian names for boys, including the Russian name, pronunciation and non-Russian name equivalents. Russian names generally include a first name, family name and patronymic, which is a form of the father's first name that differs between boys and girls.

Some popular Russian boys' names are, in English instead of Cyrillic: Abram, Alexander, Alexei, Albert, Anatoly, Andrei, Anton, Arkady, Arseny, Artyom, Artur, Afanasy, Bogdan, Boris, Vadim, Valentin, Valery, Vasily, Veniamin, Viktor, Vitaly, Vlad, Vladimir, Vladislav, Vsevolod, Vyacheslav, Gavriil, Garry, Gennady, Georgy, Gerasim, German, Gleb, Grigory, David, Daniil, Denis, Dmitry, Evgeny, Yegor, Yefim, Zakhar, Ivan, Ignat, Igor, Illarion, Ilia, Immanuil, Iosif, Kirill, Konstantin, Lev, Leonid, Makar, Maxim, Marat, Mark, Matvei, Mikhail, Nestor, Nikita, Niolay, Oleg, Pavel, Pyotr, Robert, Rodion, Roman, Rostislav, Ruslan, Semyon, Sergei, Spartak, Stanislav, Stepan, Taras, Timofei, TImur, Trofim, Eduard, Erik, Yulian, Yury, Yakov and Yaroslav. It is important to remember that the Russian pronunciation of these names is varied from the traditional English pronunciation. The vowels in Russian are pronounced differently, which alters how English speakers would say a Russian boy name. For example, Sergei, in English, might be pronounced Sir-Gay, but in Russian, it is pronounced Syer-Gyey with a much higher emphasis on including the y-vowel in both parts of the name.

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Top Russian male names: Dima, Denis, Max, Alex, Nikita, Ivan, Andrew, Sergei, Dmitry, Vlad and Igor.
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