Rust Spots on Silverware from Dishwasher?


What causes the rust spots on silverware from a dishwasher. Some forms of stainless steel if more prone to rust. Lemon added to dish washing liquid could be a culprit. Minerals in tap water can also cause these spots. Take proper care of your utensils to prevent rust from forming. Avoid the hot dry cycle in a dishwasher.
Q&A Related to "Rust Spots on Silverware from Dishwasher?"
Stainless steel is not always stain free or rust proof, particularly when the stainless steel is flatware for the American home. Stainless flatware must endure acidic foods, prolonged
You may be packing the silverware too close together so the air is not drying them thoroughly and there are still water droplets between the pieces of flatware. There may be different
You should never put silver, gold platted or good wine glasses in your dishwasher. The minerals or chlorine can leave marks on your silver. Always hand wash them in warm soapy water
We have a rack repair liquid that is the same material used to coat racks from the factory. It come in a little bottle with a brush for easy application. It also come in many colors
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