How to Repair an Above-Ground Pool With Rust on the Pool Walls?


There are various ways to repair an above ground pool with rust. Visit your local library or home improvement store for proper supplies and information. You can also search the Internet for examples and tutorials.
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1. Drain the pool so you can walk around inside the pool to locate rust spots. Put on a pair of safety goggles. 2. Begin scraping the rust off of the walls with a wire brush. Gently
Try a chemical known as kill rust you should be able to get it at most paint stores hardwares or car parts outlets.
1. Start by deciding on the height of the pool. Above ground pools come in varying heights. A typical height for an above ground pool ranges from forty-eight to fifty-two inches.
1. Check all plumbing for the pool to make sure that the leak is not coming from a loose fitting or a seal. If it is not coming from the plumbing, check the liner. 2. Walk around
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How to Repair an Above-Ground Pool With Rust on the Pool Walls
Concrete and plaster pools are commonly prone to rust because they are built into the ground and the concrete and plaster hold moisture, allowing rust and other buildup to form. Above-ground pools are less prone to rust since they are made of vinyl,... More »
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