What Are the Prices Ruth Chris Steakhouse?


Ruth's Chris Steakhouse menu prices will vary by location. The average price spent per person is $59. As of January 2013, there are 135 Ruth's Chris Steakhouses in the United States.
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The Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Fairfax Virginia is in the $35-50 range.
Ruth's Chris Steakhouse is a chain of restaurants found all over the US. The menu for the New York establishment is listed on the MenuPages website; menus for other branches can be
Do you mean Ruth's Chris Steak House? It is expensive. A steak at Ruth's Chris will probably cost between $28 and $40. Everything is sold ala carte which means if you want a salad
The average price range of a meal at Ruth Chris S
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Ruth's Chris Steak House is a chain of more than 121 steakhouses across the United States and in several international locations More>>
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