What are S Curls for men?


S Curl hair products can be used by both men and women. It works best if the man's hair is not cut super short such as in a crew or crop-cut. S Curl is applied to the hair and left for 15 minutes. Next, you rinse and shampoo with a neutralizer shampoo until the water runs clear. Last, apply the activator through the hair and style. S Curl is made by Luster Products and is available in regular and maximum strengths.
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1. Shampoo hair. 2. Towel-dry hair. 3. Apply men's styling product to your palms and rub hands together, then apply thoroughly to hair. 4. Separate hair into small sections. 5. Form
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How to Get S-Curls for Men
S-Curls has always been a popular hair-straightening method for African-American men. Manufactured by the Luster's Co. since the 1980s, S-Curls men have turned to this product for creating soft waves or "s-curls" in their hair. Similar to permanents and... More »
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