Sacagawea Golden Dollar Coin?


The Sacagawea golden (gold) dollar coin was first minted in 2000. Sacagawea replaced the Susan B. Anthony coin that ceased production in 1999. The coin depicts Sacajawea on the front. She is carrying her baby, which she carried while she was accompanying Lewis and Clark on their expeditions. The coin is a side view with her looking over her shoulder. The word Liberty is written above her head and In God We Trust is written behind her head.
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Randy'L He-dow Teton, a Shoshone, posed for the Sacagawea Golden Dollar coin, first minted in 2000. Sacagawea's son was named Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, and was the son of Sacahawea
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Sacajawea, the Shoshone Indian guide, appeared on the first Golden Dollar coin. The coin made its appearance in the year 2000. She was known in history as the ...
The face value of a Sacajawea coin is worth one dollar. Mint and uncirculated coins can sometimes be worth more than just face value. Rare coins and misprint coins ...
Since the Sacajawea dollar is not actually gold (it is a mixture of manganese and brass) they are really only worth a dollar. If you happen to have a coin that ...
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