Safelink Promo Code?


A Safelink promo code is often sent to people through the mail. As of April 3, 2013, the promo code available is rush29. Codes change often and sometimes can only be used once by the person who received the mailing. To use the promo code you need to press menu on the phone. Navigate to the prepaid menu and press select. Next, go to redeem airtime or add airtime and press OK. You can then type in your promo code and press OK. It is important that you leave you phone on until the promo is sent to your phone.
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First, I think you have the wrong idea on how to use Tracfone promotion codes. Yes, you can use promo codes but you have to BUY an airtime card, and every airtime card has different
1. Log-on to the Tracfone website to "Add Airtime" using your Tracfone phone number, or go into the menu of your phone to "Option" to add minutes to your plan.
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