Safest Place to Live in Florida?


The safest place to live in Florida is Weston. It ranks number one as the safest place in Florida and number sixty-two as the safest in the US. Riverview and Coral Springs also made the list of top 100 places to live in Florida (according to CNN Money). Weston, Florida offers extensive bike paths, well-known athletic leagues, two 18-hole golf courses, and Florida's sunny weather. Most people that live in Weston enjoy the outdoor life.
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Weston, FL is considered one of the safest places to live. Weston is an
Lol well most cities in Florida have a pretty decent amount of crime, the cities with the most crime would definitely be Miami, Orlando, and Jacksonville so you can rule those out
There are many safe places to live. You can always research where the safest places are to live, but it's also even easier to go looking yourself. When you drive through a neighborhood
1. Research the different counties thoroughly on the Internet and find the areas that suit your lifestyle. Florida consists of many areas that cater to different lifestyles and budgets
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