How do you read a Safety 1st Thermometer?


The instructions to read a Safety 1st thermometer say to set the correct mode if it is interchangeable. If the thermometer is not a temporal scan disinfect before use. Push the power button and place on the body to take the temperature either in the mouth or under the arm. Listen for a beep to signal it is done and read the display.
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1. Prepare the thermometer for use. If the thermometer is interchangeable, select the correct tip for the mode you would like to take the temperature. Use a plastic slip cover if
When its offhold the button down until you see the f pop up then release.
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This could mean many things. There may be an issue with. the unit that senses the temperature or the batteries are low. Opening up the unit should be no problem. Depending on the.
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Safety 1st Thermometer Instructions
Safety 1st is a company that sells all sorts of safe products for families with infants and small children. On its website (see Resources), you can find bath products, booster seats, high chairs, training potties and, of course, thermometers. The company... More »
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