What is the sailfin pleco?


The Sailfin Pleco is a type of 'armored' fish found throughout many rivers and tributaries in the Amazon. It is mainly found in shallow and muddy waters where it likes to burrow into the muddy banks to make hiding spots. The Sailfin can grow to lengths of up to 18 inches.
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If a site said they can live 15 years max, that site is 100% incorrect as the word "max" is a pretty absolute statement. Sure, some might only live to 15 years, but it is
Mine is 16+ years of age and does not appear old at all! He is 12"/30cm long (the sex is easy to tell on a mature fish). Careful what you keep it with as they are very active
Mine dont like lettuce much either, they will eat it if there is NOTHING else, but they would rather go off and eat algae or leftovers. Instead, try zuchini, cucumber or mushroom.
Well, I would say a pleco that is a foot, or any type of pleco at any size might sell for a fraction of what people think it might be worth because the store might be overstocked.
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