What is the salary of a hotel owner?


The salary of a Hotel owner will very depending on where the Hotel is located and what type of hotel it is. If it is in a prime location and a fancy hotel then the owner can make millions of dollars per year. If the Hotel is in a bad location and only average they can make $30,000.00 if ran properly.
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The average salary for a hotel owner varies of the classification of the hotel.
There really aren't any details as to how much a hotel owner makes for salary.
Requirements for management positions in hotels vary, but many hotels require a minimum of an associate or bachelor's degree or a high school diploma with several years of experience
The average annual salary for a restaurant-owner is $25,573. It depends how successful the place is.
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Salary of a Hotel Owner
Depending on her role in the operations of the hotel, an owner of a hotel can choose to pay herself a salary or collect the profits from the business. Most larger hotels are owned by corporations, so this situation is relatively rare, but the owner of a... More »
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