Salary of McDonalds Manager?


McDonald's is a large restaurant chain that has restaurants across the United States, South America, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia, And Australia and New Zealand. They sell hamburgers, chicken, and french fries. They were the first fast food chain in existence. The average salary an employee is minimum wage, and the managers do not make much more than that. The average salary for a McDonald's manager is just under $10 per hour. The salary for a store manager is about $39,000 per year.
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A McDonald's restaurant manager earns anywhere from $32,112 -
Most employers offer a base salary, bonuses and profit sharing for catering managers. The average base salary ranged from $33,432 to $47,886 per year. Average bonuses ranged from
A few years ago, a salary of ~ $125-135k was common for new line managers. It is probably higher now that its a public company and equity isn't going to be as big a part of people's
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