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A sales clerk is someone who rings up a customer's purchases. The job description can sometimes range from cashier, to sales person, to stocker. It really depends on what the needs of the company are. Many sales clerks will be trained on various parts of the company so that they can take over when someone is sick or absent for any reason. Sales clerks usually make between $8 and $10 per hour, and many of them work part time so are not eligible for benefits or paid time off.
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Provides good customer service at the selling area. Assists in visual display of merchandise. Replenishes stocks periodically. first line person for front counter customer assistance
A data entry worker must be able to receive high-profile and sometimes confidential information from a company and process it accurately. This means that he will review the data and
A courtesy clerk is an entry level job that usually involves
they usually work along with insurance clerk. they work at pharmacies, hospitals,clinics and nursing homes. medical billing clerks usually forward the bills to insurance companies.You
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Job Description for a Sales Clerk
Many businesses in the United States require cashiers and sales clerks to provide a variety of duties. From gas stations to supermarkets, law offices to movie theaters, restaurants to hair salons, cashiers are always in demand and are employed by nearly... More »
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