What is the job description for a sales specialist?


According to Job Descriptions, a sales specialist is responsible for establishing sales objectives and devising sales activities that support these objectives. Sales specialists also coordinate and supervise sales staff in performing their daily tasks.

Sales specialists need to have specialised knowledge in order to create, develop and implement sales strategies in an organization. Factors such as the companies sales policies, objectives and sales channels have an effect on the strategies that are developed to meet objectives. In addition, sales specialists must maintain a good long-term relationship with customers, sales staff and suppliers, as well as analyze complex, technical product specifications.

Having excellent oral and written communication is a mandatory prerequisite for all sales specialists. Most companies also expect a sales specialist to have a Bachelors Degree in a business related field as well as experience in sales or promotion. Successful sales specialists are able to apply customer service techniques and knowledge of supervisory practices and principles when making sales decisions or establishing long-term relationships with key stakeholders. They are also hard working and persistently focused on achieving results, even when under pressure. According to Job Descriptions, the average salary for a sales specialist usually reaches around $100,000 a year, as of 2014.

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Sales Specialist Job Description
Oftentimes, one specialist is responsible for forecasting the sales of an entire company. These specialists are then responsible for making sure that the sales forecasts are met. Sales specialists are experts in selling particular products and services.... More »
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