Sales Turnover Formula?


The sales turnover refers to the number of items or services sold in a specific time period. The formula usually uses one year as the set time period. The sales turnover is usually expressed in monetary terms, but sometimes is expressed in number of items sold. The sales turnover numbers will help the company to see exactly what they are selling, and if they need to tweak their sales pitch, sales team, or target market.
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1. Locate the data for the "net profit after taxes" and "revenue" line items in the income statement. 2. Divide the net profit after taxes number by the revenue
Today, IKEA has 225 stores in more than thirty countries, an annual turnover of more than $17 billion.
The amount of sales generated for every dollar's worth of assets. Asset has a lot of useful information on success and turnover in the sales profession.
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The sales turnover of a company is the total amount of inventory that is sold in a certain amount of time. Most companies calculate their sales turnover once a year. Calculating the sales turnover rate is very simple. The formula used for this calculation is the total sales of the company divided by the company's average inventory value. The number that is remaining after working the formula is the sales turnover rate for that period of time.
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