Sallie Mae Signature Student Loans?


Sallie Mae offers flexible student loans, banking and insurance products. If you are looking to cancel your Sallie Mae Signature Student Loan, you will want to review the online version of the Sallie Mae Signature Student Loan Promissory Note. This document lists where you can find the information on how to go about cancelling the student loan.
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1. You have a right to cancel within 10 days of loan approval. Retrieve your loan documents and refer to the section on "My Right to Cancel. Truth in Lending disclosure laws
There are a lot of kinds of loans for students who are eligible for Sallie Mae loans. Some types of student loans at Sallie Mae are federal student loans, private loans, education
I'm assuming that you signed Sallie Mae's Signature Student Loan Promissory Note. Reviewing an online version of this document, I found this relevant paragraph: "2. My Right
Sallie Mae is located at 701 Pennsylvania Ave Nw Washington, DC
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According to Sallie Mae as of July of 2012 students are starting to pay more of their tuition. Parents on average pay abut 37 percent of the tuition, using their ...
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