Saluting the Flag?


Saluting the flag is a formal action, often called a pledge of allegiance. It means to have loyalty to the country one is a citizen of, and is done as a show of respect.
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1. Salute the Indian flag during any ceremonies to raise or lower the flag or during parades or military activities. This especially applies to those in uniform. To salute, raise
An idol becomes such by the attitude people have about it. How often have we heard of people giving their life for the flag? An idol is also an image of something else. In the United
"I pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag& to the Savior for whose kingdom it
Here here! I've been out of the military over 30 years and I still find myself saluting the flag. It was an honor to serve my country. Source(s): US Marines 76-77
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You can salute the United States of America Flag, by placing your right hand over the midsection of your chest. This signifies placing your hand over your heart. ...
There are many different times that you are expected to salute the flag. There is proper etiquette that should be followed also when learning how to salute. You ...
This is an internet myth and there is no truth to it. The president does salute the flag, and there are numerous online photos and videos which show him doing ...
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