Salvation Army Christmas Assistance?


Salvation Army Christmas Assistance is a program where members of the church offer food, clothes, gifts and toys to the needy during Christmas. They usually receive donations from major corporations, members and well wishers.
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Salvation Army offers help to many in need at Christmas, from food for families to toys for children to gifts for disabled seniors. Families that need assistance, however, can&rsquo
They ring bells and collect money in front of stores before Christmas. They help homeless people.
In 1891 The Salvation Army Captain in
Holiday\Christmas Help If you are in need of help this holiday season and are anywhere in the Philadelphia\PA area or suburbs please go to and fill out a story.
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You can donate a mattress to The Salvation Army to assisting the less privileged people in our community. The Salvation Army social and spiritual services help ...
From my knowledge people can get toy assistance for Christmas at several places. If there is a Salvation Army or Goodwill store in the area, then check with them ...
1. Contact your local Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is known for helping needy families. To get assistance, you generally have to go through an interview ...
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