Salvation Bracelet Beads Meaning?


The black bead on a salvation bracelet means darkness of sin. The white and blue beads mean spiritual cleansing. The green bead means faith and the gold beads are perfection.
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A black bead is on every salvation bracelet. The black bead represents the darkness of sin and how it alienates us from God. When we sin, God must judge us. To be saved, we must repent
It means that you go to a lot of raves. But if a little girl is using them doesn't mean anything is only to look pretty.
They have as much meaning as a fast food soft-drink cup.
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A salvation bracelet is easy to make and a nice reminder of your faith. To make a salvation bracelet you need a leather cord. On the cord you must string six beads ...
There are various colors of salvation bracelet. You should find various bracelets that have symbolic colors. Green is used to mean life and blue is for baptism. ...
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