How do you read a Samick serial number?


The serial number is associated with different items like phones, computers, guns, cars and many other things. They can be read by locating the serial on the item first. This is mostly found at the bottom or even the back of that item. You can also find it in the manual provided by the manufacturer for the product owner. Make sure you find refer to the manual to get a hint on where to find your serial.
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1. Look at the beginning initial letters of a guitar or piano. They often stand for the company that produced the instrument. For example, a Silvertone guitar will begin with "
I found it printed on the plate just to the left of the overstrung-bass support strut (in front of the bass string tuning pins)
Samick was founded in 1958 by Hyo Ick Lee in Korea as an
The serial numbers on mine is a "stick on" label bearing the serial number. Down further on the headstock is a decal (under the clear coat) indicating "Made in Korea&
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