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There are many Samoan last names. For example, Samoan last names of sports personalities include Tupai, Sapa, Liaga, Lafaele, and Naua. Samoan composer last names include Ariu Sio, Talitim, Gatoloai Sio, Faleto'ese Lemalu, Lavea Te'o, Luafatasaga Kalapu, Hunkin, Faraimo. Cabinet ministers, Lauofo, Aeau, Mauiliu, Liuga, Tuitama, Tumaalii, Pinati, Leiataua, Posala, Faapo, Tino, Siafausa Vui, Aveau, Kini, and Keil. Samoan government heads of department and ministries include Wai, Toma, Slama, Esera, Petana, Meredith, Onesemo-Tuilaepa, Tupuimatagi, Vaaelua, Simi, Sohn, Iakopo, Masinalupe, Neru, Ah Sam, Scanlan, and Fepuleai.
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Here are a few Samoan last names that I found: Fauatea, Williamo, Alailefaleula,
Elia, Elisaia, Elisara, Elisala.
1. Aumavae. 2. Mapu. 3. Tasi. 4. Sefo. 5. Siliva. I can give more, but I have to ask first, what for?
1. Talk to one of the biological parents. Speak to him or her about the situation and that the stepparent would like to take over parental responsibilities of the child. You will
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