How to Write a Reference Letter for Child Custody?


A person can write a reference letter for child custody by writing an introduction about the parents relationship. A sample child custody reference letter will also describe events. A closing statement should also be written.
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1. Write a short introduction describing your relationship to the parent or person seeking custody. You should specifically mention in which capacity you know the parent and for how
That is called a "Friend of the Court" or "Amicus curiae" brief. After producing one, go with the parent to the Clerk of the Court to have it notarized and placed
You can find some sample social reference
It sounds to me like the letter you want to write is more about YOU, rather than your friend. If you want to write an effective letter for YOUR FRIEND, then I suggest that you state
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There are different reasons why someone may be writing a letter concerning child custody. One may be to confirm who has custody of a child, the other may be to ...
A reference letter for child custody should include who the writer is, and what case they are referencing. Next the writer should tell how long they have known ...
Samples of child custody letters that may be written include: a reference custody letter, a temporary custody letter, or a full custody letter. A reference custody ...
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