What are sample family letters?


Sample family letters are examples of letters people write to those they are close to, like the one found at http://www.writinghelp-central.com/personal-thank-you-letter.html. An example of a website you may visit to get a sample of a cover letter is .
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Before you start using a sample letter of recommendation, you should read over it carefully. Try to identify how the letter is written and see if you can identify the major parts.
1. Write your letter using proper business letter format. Most word processing programs will have letter templates that are quick and easy to use. In general the format is as follows
Dear _ I'm so very sorry for what has happened. I wish I could take it back. I don't want to waste your time, so I will make this short. Is their anything that I can do to help you
I found some exceptional samples of LOR and SOP in Natalia Lukina's web page. LOR: Sample Letters of Recommendation. SOP: Sample Statements of Purpose.
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